Ideal Computer Systems Releases Mobile App to Help Dealers Drive Business Year-Round

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, April 12, 2021 — Ideal Computer Systems, a leading industry-specific dealership software vendor in North America, is delighted to announce that they have released a mobile app for their TargetCRM. Ideal’s TargetCRM is an automated sales and marketing platform designed to help dealers turn their one-time customers into repeat buyers, all year-round. With […]

Ideal Computer Systems Equips Dealers with a New Tool to Level-Up Their Parts Department

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March 29, 2021 — Ideal Computer Systems, a leading industry-specific dealership software vendor in North America, has released an exciting new product that will make it a whole lot easier for dealerships to find affordable parts efficiently – Ideal Parts Locator. This product has also been released for their sister company, C-Systems. With Ideal […]

NEW: Instantly Cross-Reference 1,000s of Parts for Rotary, Oregon & Stens

Would you like to save time and money on cross-referencing genuine OEM and aftermarket parts for Rotary, Oregon and Stens? We have good news for you – you can now instantly cross-reference 1,000s of them with our new files that you can download and install into your Ideal system in just a few clicks. Cost: […]

How to Write Amazing Helpdesk Tickets That Resolve Problems Much Faster

“I emailed the helpdesk and they won’t get back to me!” – Jon “I left a voicemail, but the helpdesk never got back to me!” – Jane Every now and then, we get complaints like the ones you see above. While writing helpdesk tickets isn’t exactly rocket science, it IS possible to write a “bad” […]

Purchase New Equipment Now & Save 15% – 40%!

Did you know that if you purchase a workstation, add a new printer or upgrade your whole computer system before the end of this tax year, you can deduct its full purchase price? Based on your tax situation, this could be an effective discount of 15% – 40%! Is this legal? Yes! Under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code […]

Is Your Computer Slow After Updating Ideal to v9.4 or Higher? Here’s How You Can Fix This

Whether you’ve updated your Ideal software to v9.4 or any other version since then, you may have started experiencing unreasonable slowdowns when looking up products in the system. Since this problem can severely impact your daily processes, your first reaction may be to call our support, which is absolutely correct. However, you can actually fix […]

Watch Out for Fluctuations in Wholegood Pricing

We wanted to make a quick announcement on the current state of wholegood prices in the US and Canada, which seem to fluctuate because of the ongoing trade negotiations between the US and its trading partners. So, What’s Happening, Exactly? As you may already know, the US has been re-negotiating its trade agreements with Canada, […]

Additional Ideal User License vs. Ideal Mobile App: Which One Should You Purchase?

With the busy season looming ahead, you might want to make an extra investment in your Ideal system to bolster your dealership’s overall performance and efficiency. As a result, you might be stuck wondering whether it’s better to simply purchase another user license (like in the past) or perhaps invest in the much-improved Ideal Mobile […]

Regional Training vs. User Conference:

  What’s the Difference? Last year, we invited all of our customers to a three-day User Conference where they had the opportunity to mingle, pick up some useful business tips and receive hands-on training on the Ideal software. This year, we decided to try something different: we are adding a Regional Training in spring and […]

Why You Should Have an External Data Backup System

How safe is your business data? Can you fully restore it after a catastrophic hard drive failure on your server? Is it protected from a fire, lightning strike or any other disaster? After all, losing data can be very dangerous. According to National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) in Washington D.C., 93% of companies that […]

Is your computer too slow? Here’s how to fix that

Like all machines, computers are known to malfunction. So, if your computer is experiencing inexplicable slowdowns, periodic stalls, unexpected shutdowns, system crashes or similar issues, then there’s likely something wrong with it. Here are some of the reasons why your computer may be having these problems: You have not downloaded all the important Windows Updates […]

Speed Up Your Point of Sale with Electronic Signature Pads and Bar Code Scanners

Do you want to get your customers in and out of your store faster and increase their satisfaction? There are a couple of things you can add to your Ideal system to improve the speed and efficiency of your point of sale: electronic signature pads and bar code scanners.   Electronic Signature Pads Electronic signature […]

Get the Most Out of Your Ideal Software

Did you know that many of our dealerships use only 20%-40% of the Ideal software’s potential, leaving valuable dollars on the table?   Are you one of them? If you are, then invite us to come onsite and provide you with additional training and consultation on how to use the software to its full potential. […]

Did you know that Work Order Emails can attach either a Work Order or a Sales Order?

When using your Ideal software to send customers notifications or emails regarding their work order, you can choose what documents you want to attach. For instance, if your customer is expecting the total due for your service, attach a Sales Order. However, if instead they are merely waiting for a confirmation on when the item […]

Meet the Newest Members of Ideal’s Research and Development Team

Ideal is pleased to welcome Bob Murphy and Randy McKay to its Research and Development team. Both started working at Ideal this fall and are already making an impact on the development of the product.   Bob Murphy Bob is no stranger to Ideal having worked here in the early 2000s when the company was […]

Meet the Newest Member of Ideal Support – Larry Clay

You may have noticed a new voice when you’ve called into Ideal support in the last couple of months. That person is Larry Clay. Larry joined the Ideal team in May as a Customer Support Representative and specializes in troubleshooting hardware issues. Prior to his tenure at Ideal, he worked at ACT in Iowa City […]

Ideal’s Data Backup Options Serve as Added Insurance for Your Business

Picture this… a natural disaster happens in your town and your business is severely damaged. Some things are salvageable but your computers are destroyed. What happens to your business data? If you call into Ideal Support, the first question they will ask is if you have a backup. All too often, customers think that Ideal […]

New Additions to the Ideal Sales Team

Many of you have probably noticed some new faces on the Ideal Sales Team in recent months. First of all, we’d like to introduce our newest member of the sales team, Josh Moses. Josh began working in March as an Account Manager in charge of upgrade sales for current customers. He has since transitioned into […]

Ideal Welcomes Jenn Anderson, Brit Connor, and Tori Davison

The Ideal family has welcomed some new employees in recent months. Accounts Payable Specialist Jenn Anderson, Business Development Representative Brit Connor, and Accounts Receivable Specialist Tori Davison joined the Ideal team last year and are making positive contributions.   Jenn Anderson Jenn began working last August as Ideal’s Accounts Payable Specialist. Her primary responsibilities include […]

From the Support Department: New Process for Entering Welcome Page Support Tickets

In an effort to improve the service we provide to our customers, we’ve made some changes to the way you submit support tickets through the Ideal Welcome Page.  These changes allow you to provide more detailed information about your request. From the Ideal Welcome Page: 1)      Select the Click to Request a Support Call button. […]

Mike’s Lawnmower Cuts Inventory Counting Time in Half with Ideal’s Mobile App

After 20+ years working in the industry, Frank Buchanan, the long-time parts manager at Mike’s Lawnmower in Ocala, FL, finally isn’t dreading his end of year inventory count. Why? As an early adopter of Ideal’s new mobile app, complete with advanced inventory counting features, Frank has turned what used to be a time consuming experience […]

Ideal Welcomes TeresaAnn Taylor and Ryan TeBockhorst to Our Team

The Ideal family is pleased to introduce new employees, TeresaAnn Taylor and Ryan TeBockhorst.  Both started working at Ideal over the summer and have already made positive contributions to our team.   TeresaAnn Taylor TeresaAnn began working at Ideal in mid-July as a customer relationship specialist and currently helps customers create procedures and processes that […]

Information on Microsoft Ending Support for Windows Server 2003 in 2015

In a continuing effort to keep you informed of changes that may affect your business, we want to make sure that you’re aware of Microsoft plans to discontinue support for Windows Server® 2003 next year on July 14, 2015. Often times, we see dealers wait to plan their server migration and upgrades at the last […]

NEW Feature in Ideal Provides Instant Profitability

If you’re like many dealers, the backbone of your operation relies heavily on your service department.  We all know that the efficiency of your technicians greatly impacts your bottom line.  Any time spent away from turning wrenches greatly affects your profitability.  Here’s an example: Think about a customer that comes in asking for some of […]

On the Road with Dave: Beware of Where You Surf and What You Download

There seems to be an increase in virus activity as of late.  I reviewed an article on a major news source’s website where they listed the 14 most prevalent dangerous emails of 2013. Some of them are phishing type emails, while others request personal information connected to what seems to be legitimate emails from companies […]

Check Part Availability for Cub Cadet/MTD POs Included in Ideal 8.3 Release

OPE dealers entering Cub Cadet/MTD parts through Ideal’s PO interface with Snap-on eConnect now have the ability to check part availability before placing their order. From Ideal’s Purchase Order Entry screen, simply select the Part Avail. Sh+F5 button and the part information and pricing will display. This is just one of the many new features in […]

Rita Reif and Kurt Meyer Celebrate 25 Years at Ideal!

We would like to congratulate Price List Coordinator Rita Reif and Lead Programmer Kurt Meyer on celebrating 25 years of service at Ideal Computer Systems! Rita was hired in May of 1988 as Ideal’s first full-time employee in charge of customer support and service. She’s had many hats over the years, working in support for […]

Ideal Welcomes Jeff Plecity to its Support Team

Ideal is pleased to announce the hiring of Jeff Plecity as a member of the Ideal Computer Systems support team. Jeff brings a wealth of computer and accounting knowledge to Ideal. In his previous position, he helped resolve bank reconciliation issues and other fiduciary issues that involved research. He also has experience troubleshooting computer issues […]