On the Road with Dave: Make Sure Ideal is ALWAYS Updated with the Current Release and Build

On the Road with Dave: Make Sure Ideal is ALWAYS Updated with the Current Release and BuildSomething I find interesting as I stop by dealerships for impromptu visits is that their Ideal for Windows software is not kept up-to-date with the latest version and build available.  I haven’t quite been able to understand how and why this happens.  I have been given a list of reasons including, “I don’t have time”, “I didn’t know I was supposed to”, “I am not sure how to”, “It takes too long”, “I didn’t realize it wasn’t being done. I thought he / she was doing it.” … the list goes on.

Ideal dealerships pay support monthly to not only call and ask questions and resolve issues, but also to ensure they have the latest enhancements and program fixes so they can maximize efficiency and performance and reduce errors in processing.

Depending on how the user rights are defined in the system, at least one user should be notified when there is a new program update available.  That user will continue to get this notice until the update has been downloaded and installed.  The Research and Development team at Ideal is continually making changes to the program based on user requests to make it better for all users including us here at Ideal. We also use this same system to track information in our daily business just as you do for your customers.

Many of the calls our support department receives are related to issues that have already been addressed in updates to the software.  The answers given by the support staff are based on the current release and build of the software.  If the dealer’s software is not on the current version, the support staff is unable to assist until the software is updated.  Then, if the issue persists, they can submit a request to the Research and Development team to resolve.  It is not in the best interest of Ideal users to be on an older version of the software.  What’s great about updating is that it doesn’t cost anything extra, as it’s already included as part of support fees.

The latest version of the Ideal for Windows software is Version 8.3.0 (Build 216). If you are unsure if your software is up-to-date click on Help from the toolbar then select About.  You should see the following:


We recommend that you reboot your server, or the workstation that’s the dedicated server, before running an update. Here are some printable instructions on running the update:


In addition, we have also updated the Welcome Page’s Resource Center next to Release Notes to show the current version and build so users will immediately know what the current version and build is.  As of this article, the current version is 8.3.0 Build 216:


The Release Notes in the Resource Center will always list the most current build so remember that as your go-to spot.

Keeping up-to-date on the latest release is easy to maintain and should help you not only resolve certain software issues much faster, but avoid them all together.

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