Ideal’s Data Backup Options Serve as Added Insurance for Your Business

Ideal’s Data Backup Options Serve as Added Insurance for Your Business TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInPicture this… a natural disaster happens in your town and your business is severely damaged. Some things are salvageable but your computers are destroyed. What happens to your business data?

If you call into Ideal Support, the first question they will ask is if you have a backup. All too often, customers think that Ideal backs up on its own, which isn’t the case. If you don’t have an offsite backup system in place and a fire or natural disaster happen at your business, your data is ruined.

Much like any insurance policy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ideal offers two effective options that will back up your data.


Option #1:
Full Image Backup of the server’s hard drives.

This option is a focused solution with all the features you need including a solid backup system, in-depth status reporting and fast restore times. The solution creates sector-level backups of Windows’ data volumes. These backups are point-in-time representations of the entire volume and therefore include all data such as operating system, applications, services, and configuration settings.

Ideal’s Full Image Backup includes:

– On-premise full image backup software

– Offsite image replication to enterprise grade, RAID-6 storage arrays

– Email reports describing the health and status of your backup

– Offsite point in time backups include 10 daily images, four weekly images, and two monthly images

You’ll get best-in-class, full image backup software from global leader StorageCraft Technology that allows you to protect your data and quickly restore it in the event of data loss:

– Individual file restores and full volume restores are both available

– Data can be restored most quickly and easily from the local backup

– In case of local backup failure or disaster situation, restore from the

offsite cloud image backup.

– Annual Subscription


Option #2:
Nightly file based backup of Ideal and 3rd party accounting programs.

When determining which solution is best for you, keep in mind that Option 1 is a total and complete backup of the server and all of its files. It backs it up to a local device (provided by Ideal) and to the cloud. Option 2 is essentially a file based backup of only ideal data and 3rd party accounting to the cloud.

If you’re interested in learning more how these backup solutions can benefit your business, please contact your account manager.

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