Why You Should Have an External Data Backup System

How safe is your business data? Can you fully restore it after a catastrophic hard drive failure on your server? Is it protected from a fire, lightning strike or any other disaster?

After all, losing data can be very dangerous. According to National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) in Washington D.C., 93% of companies that suffer from a disaster and lose their data for 10 days or more end up filing for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% of those companies file almost immediately.

So, if you want to keep your Ideal database and other critical business data safe, we recommend having multiple backup systems, one of which should be external or online, so that it’s not at your dealership in case of a disaster.

Here are some reasons why you should give Ideal’s Online Backup Service a try:

Reason #1: It’s convenient

Our online backup system will keep your data safe from disasters without requiring any input from you. Should a disaster strike, an online backup will have you up and running in a matter of minutes, even if you need to repair your main hard drive or purchase a new server.

Reason #2: It doesn’t get in the way

With our online backup service, you don’t have to deal with the common reasons other backup strategies fail, like forgetfulness, storage device failures or local disasters, because the backup is done automatically after normal business hours.

Reason #3: Backups occur regularly

Your data is automatically backed up every day, and each time, you will receive an email letting you know whether the backup was successful.

If for some reason, a backup does not occur – potentially due to a power outage or failure to connect to your server – you can run the backup manually when you arrive first thing in the morning.

Reason #4: Our team will help you

Our team will take care of your setup from start to finish, making sure the correct files are being backed up before they are stored offsite in a secure, encrypted environment. This process is both quick and easy.

We can also assist you in restoring your data to another computer in the event of a hard drive failure on your server, so that you can still run your business while the hard drive is being repaired or replaced, which gives you almost zero downtime.

Need more details?

To get more information and pricing for our managed online backup services, please contact your Ideal Account Manager.

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