Speed Up Your Point of Sale with Electronic Signature Pads and Bar Code Scanners

Do you want to get your customers in and out of your store faster and increase their satisfaction? There are a couple of things you can add to your Ideal system to improve the speed and efficiency of your point of sale: electronic signature pads and bar code scanners.

Electronic Signature Pads

Electronic signature pads allow your customers to electronically sign a Sales Order, Work Order, Invoice and every other document inside Ideal that has a signature line without ever having to print one. In case you do want a physical copy, you can always print the signature on the order or invoice and store it in a filing cabinet for future reference.

Finally, if a customer asks you who signed for a particular order or invoice, you can go into the Ideal customer file and pull up the information in a matter of seconds instead of shuffling through endless stacks of paper. It’s true, with electronic signature pads, paperwork is optional.

Bar Code Scanners

With a bar code scanner, you can add any product that has a UPC code on it and in the price file into an order without looking up the part number.

If the item does not have a UPC code on it, you can print a bar code with our label printer and place it on the part when you enter it into inventory. After that, you simply scan that bar code at the checkout, just like they do at the grocery store, to add the item to the order, which is much quicker than searching for the product in the Ideal software.

A bar code scanner can also be used to scan parts into inventory and to scan your bin locations when adjusting your inventory. In addition, you can now print your work order codes on labels and then scan them into work orders.

Whether you purchase corded or wireless units, a bar code scanner will allow you to work faster and better.


Need More Details?

For pricing and more information about these time-saving add-ons, contact your Ideal Account Manager; either Brit or Brian.

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