Purchase New Equipment Now & Save 15% – 40%!

Did you know that if you purchase a workstation, add a new printer or upgrade your whole computer system before the end of this tax year, you can deduct its full purchase price? Based on your tax situation, this could be an effective discount of 15% – 40%!

Is this legal?

Yes! Under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code – Section 179, you can deduct tangible property in the year it’s purchased. Normally, you would have to depreciate these items over several years, but this extension is a way to immediately receive these income tax benefits this year.

Sounds great – what’s next?

We process a lot of hardware upgrades this time of year, so if you’re interested, please contact your Account Manager. Your Account Manager can then go through your system, make recommendations and get your new equipment, so that you can deduct it this year.

In order for your upgrade to qualify as a 2018 purchase, we must be able to ship it and bill it before the end of the year. To meet this deadline, you will need to place your order by Monday, December 10th.


Additional information you should know:

If you are in need of a larger upgrade, Ideal, in conjunction with its leasing companies, can structure a Non-Tax Lease. This lease allows you to finance the purchase while still taking advantage of the deduction.

NOTE: We encourage you to consult your tax advisor before moving forward with any major purchase! Ideal Computer Systems and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice.

Learn more about our other products

This is also the time of year when customers ask us about our additional products and services. We currently offer the following:

    • Additional training (both onsite and remote)
    • Secure, worry-free Managed Online Backup Service of your Ideal data
    • Rental module
    • Mobile Inventory App to make your inventory counts faster and easier to perform
    • Imaging interface to parts lookup tools such as PartSmart, MediaCat, Kpad, MercNet, JD Parts Advisor, HondaIn, New Holland, and Snap-on (formerly Proquest’s Parts Manager Pro)
    • Integrated Accounts Payable for writing checks from Ideal and making certain price adjustments and floor planning offsets easier to perform
    • Integrated General Ledger for your accounting needs
    • Payroll module with the interface to the General Ledger
    • Finance & Insurance modules to automatically create your own sales deals and paperwork for lenders
    • Additional user licenses
    • Multi-Store Add-On for managing more than one dealership location
    • Integrated Merchant Services system to streamline your point of sale and eliminate rekeying errors
    • Bar Code Scanners to streamline your point of sale
    • Computers (workstations, laptops, servers, and monitors)
    • Printers, including laser printers, label printers, and cash ticket printers
    • Integrated Cash Drawers for cash control
    • Shopping Cart Interface to easily import your orders from your online shopping cart into the Ideal software
    • ShipWorks Interface to easily import your orders from ShipWorks into the Ideal software


If you have any questions about your Ideal’s products and services, contact your Account Manager.

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