Special Thanks to Everyone Who Joined the 2017 Ideal Training Seminar: Check Out the Photos!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our 4-day Training Seminar in Cedar Rapids this year. We’ve had 68 customers join us from across 22 states and provinces, and it’s been a lot of fun having you all here!


Check out our photos of the event:

Special Thanks to All the Presenters

We’d like to thank our guest speaker Bob Clements for his incredible presentation, along with the following presenters from Ideal:


So, Who’s Winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card?

We’d like to congratulate Lana Pol from Mowbility Sales & Service on winning a $100 Amazon Gift Card. In case you didn’t know, anyone who has participated in our video interviews was entered into a raffle to win the card.

We’re also incredibly grateful to everyone else who has participated in those interviews – we know it wasn’t easy!


Who Won the Creative Brainstorm?

Congratulations to the “Ambitious 8” team on winning the Creative Brainstorm hosted on November 8th by our new General Manager, Ajay Thakur. Each team member will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card in the mail for their efforts. The team consisted of:

  • John Hayden from J.M. Hayden Equipment
  • Jennifer Nadeau from Higgins Energy Alternatives
  • Pat Tallas from Lawn Care Equipment
  • Ashley Ruck from Integrity Lawn Service & Supply
  • Brent Bult from Schuurmans Farm Supply

We’d also like to congratulate the “Future Solutions” and “Team Ideal-EST” teams for coming in second and third, respectively!


Reminder: Your Ideal Credits Expire by the End of This Year!

Don’t forget to spend the credits you acquired by registering for the Training Seminar! They allow you to invest each dollar you’ve spent on your seminar ticket (or tickets) toward additional purchases of:

  • Ideal User License
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Work Orders
  • Rental Module
  • Mobile App
  • Imaging Interface
  • Shopping Cart Interface
  • Ideal Multi-Store

The credits expire on December 29th, 2017.


Whether you won something or not, we hope you learned a lot – and we invite you to join us again next year!


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