Upload 1,000s of Wholegoods and Accessories into Your Ideal System in Just a Click – Now Available!

You asked, and we delivered! We’re pleased to announce that you can now download wholegood and accessory price files, and as a result, effortlessly upload 1,000s of products into your Ideal system.

How This Will Make Your Life Easier

Thanks to this addition, you won’t have to worry about manually entering model numbers for serialized items or any details for your accessory or clothing products. This in turn will eliminate errors and free up a considerable amount of time for your staff, so that they can focus on the more important tasks.

If you’re familiar with our price files for parts, then you’ll feel right at home with this new feature – since the concept behind all our price files is the same.

Need Help or More Details?

If you have a price file you need us to process, please send it to pricelists@idealcomputersystems.com – or contact our pricelist department if you have any questions.

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