Additional Ideal User License vs. Ideal Mobile App: Which One Should You Purchase?

With the busy season looming ahead, you might want to make an extra investment in your Ideal system to bolster your dealership’s overall performance and efficiency.

As a result, you might be stuck wondering whether it’s better to simply purchase another user license (like in the past) or perhaps invest in the much-improved Ideal Mobile App.

To make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together this handy chart for you:

Mobile App
Additional User License
What You Get
Ability to perform the following tasks on the go:

  • Create and edit work orders
  • Clock in and out of jobs
  • Conduct inventory counts and adjustments
  • Check in units for service and capture customer feedback
  • Check in new parts orders
  • Take photos and attach them to work orders, units and customers
  • Take credit card payments
  • And more!
Full Ideal software.
What You Need to Access All the Functionalities
An iOS or Android mobile device that allows you to perform most of your tasks anywhere in the dealership. A Workstation that keeps you tied to one spot.
Upfront Price
$250 for each mobile user (min. of 2) $750 for each additional user
Device Payment Needs
As low as $250-$300 for two tablets High cost of entry


Need More Information Before Making the Decision?

Be sure to get in touch with your Account Manager, and they’ll provide you with further assistance with your decision process!


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