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Backup Services

Backup Services

Save your entire business history using our secure offsite backup service, so that you can always fully recover your data, even if you lose all of it.

Why should you consider it?

Feel at ease knowing that no matter what happens, you can always retrieve your data from us.

Protect your business from accidentally losing all your business history and having to start over.
We had a $60,000 sales order we had started for one of our commercial customers that we saved in the software to be completed at a later date. The next day one of our employees accidently deleted the order and we were afraid we had lost all of that information. So we called Ideal and their support department was able to look up the order on the saved backup they had with their Online Backup Service and send it to us so we could reconstruct the order. This not only saved us time, but more importantly, it saved us from having to make an embarrassing phone call to the customer. We highly recommend everyone use Ideal’s Online Backup Service, not only for major disaster recovery, but for surprising situations like this. It can be a lifesaver.
Kristi Miner, Miner's Outdoor

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