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Integrated Payments

Integrated Payments

Rely on our efficient payment processing system for credit and debit transactions.

Eliminate the time it takes to manually process, record, and reconcile transactions — and get the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got 24/7 customer support.


Trusted Ideal Partner Gravity Payment

Powered by a Trusted Partner

Gravity Payments, formerly known as ChargeItPro, is fully integrated into Ideal software, making your payment processing easy and giving your customers a better experience.


Cardless Payments

This new feature will allow dealers to:

  • Receive an automatic notification when someone pays an invoice
  • Provide support for card storage
  • Embed buttons for Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. within their respective accounts
  • Speed up recurring billing with changing amounts via bulk transaction processing
  • & much more

Why should you consider it?

Accept payments more effectively

Accept payments more effectively

Offer a quick and smooth payment experience and improve your customer relations. Safely store the card for future payments.


Capture customers’ signatures digitally, email them the receipt, and apply recurring purchases, invoice, and more.
Deliver your services sooner

Deliver your services sooner

Speed up the service delivery process by taking credit card payments on a work order.
Automate reporting and eliminate errors

Automate reporting and eliminate errors

Automate transaction reporting and eliminate errors caused by re-entering transaction data
Free 24/7 support

Free 24/7 support

Expert, in-house human support is available anytime. We don’t do robots.
Gravity Payment has been fantastic! The ease of use at the point of sale has been a tremendous time-saver. Before, we had to leave the register, go over to a side-counter, enter all the info into another machine (hopefully correctly) and then wait for it to get processed. All of that could take several minutes to complete, which really added up when it was busy! Now, we just swipe the card, and a few seconds later, it’s approved. The customer signs the signature pad, and they are out the door with one receipt, happy with their purchase! Daily reconciliation is definitely smoother because of the quick access to the reporting features. We’ve just recently started selling gift cards, and that process has gone smoothly as well.
April Dehn, Arbor Tech Supply
This system has made credit card processing simpler for us and the customer support has been great. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to do this!
Steve Barry, Barry's Gravely Tractor

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